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“Thank You Gene & Kim as well as Helen, Steve and the guys who installed my new "dimensional" roof.  Having to put a new roof on your house is not a pleasant thing to have to do.  However I am so happy to say that Florida State Restoration & Roofing Services are the BEST by far!  From the 1st day I met Gene & Kim until today when they came by to THANK ME!  I would recommend Florida State to all my friends and family for Roofing and Restoration Needs! Thanks again!”
~ Sally Ann Aversano

Roof Replacements — Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Coral Springs

Let our experienced roof inspectors assess and diagnose whether a repair or re-roof is the proper plan of action. While some roofers recommend replacing the entire roof because of leaks we know that is the most expensive course of action and we will never prematurely re-roof if it is a good candidate for repair.

The quality of the roof will be the determining factor to replace or repair. If a roofing system is damaged beyond restoration or repair, then a replacement will be necessary. Severe weather conditions or material deterioration because of poor maintenance will cause extreme roof damage.

After a thorough roof inspection by our trained forensic specialist, Florida State Restoration Services will provide a comprehensive roofing analysis with detailed findings including photographs. We will present some roof replacement solutions that fit our client's budget while minimizing disruptions to their family or daily business operations. These solutions will, of course, comply with building codes, and provide our client with a long-term roofing investment

Deciding factors when making the choice between repair or re-roof are:
    • Amount of Current Leaks
    • History of Leaks
    • Size and Scope of Repair
    • Condition and Age of the Roofing System

Roof Repairs — Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Coral Springs

Except for a natural disaster, usually, the first detection of a roof problem will be a leak in a building interior. At that point, substantial damage will have been done or will happen soon with the potential of sections of the ceiling to cave in. In the least there will be damage to home furnishing and a disruption of living conditions. If the damaged building is commercial, the leak could ruin equipment and interrupt workflow. These unpleasant scenarios can be preventable with scheduled inspections offered by Florida State Restoration Services maintenance contracts.

However when roof leaks do happen, Florida State Restoration Services will act quickly to mitigate the problem and quickly repair it.

Call us 24/7 at 954.426.9494 for an immediate response and emergency water removal.

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