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Proactive waterproofing will prevent commercial and residential roofing problems. Roof waterproofing will even diminish the potential need for replacement.

Waterproofing covers different waterproof products over a variety of specialty applications. Florida State Restoration Services professional installation of waterproofing keeps water out of buildings, garages, and parking garages.

Waterproofing products can be applied to a new or existing structure, regardless if the service need is preventative or reactive. Florida State Restoration Services keep the water out with comprehensive caulking and waterproofing applications.

Commercial Roof Waterproofing in South Florida

For 15 years Florida State Restoration Services has been helping property managers and building owners defend their building envelope systems from the volatile South Florida climate conditions.  Florida’s extreme heat can wreck havoc on building systems as the natural moisture in the materials inevitably dries out, causing cracks and material shrinkage.

A forensic roofing specialist from Florida State Restoration Services will visit your home or commercial site and provide an intensive inspection of your unique building system including the use of infrared photography, core samples, taking other detailed photographs and notes. This inspection is followed with a detailed plan customized to the needs of the building and the maintenance budget.

We Waterproof Total Commercial Buildings

Florida State Restoration Services commercial waterproofing expertise extends beyond waterproofing the roofing system to below-grade building structures including foundation walls and sub-structures. Our application eliminates water migration and moisture buildup by forming a watertight seal, preserving the life of your building.

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