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The roofing specialists at Florida State Restoration Services what our customers to understand what their roofing project is all about. From roof inspections to roof repair and roof replacement FSRS provides the most cost effective solutions. These are just a few questions we’ve been asked over the years. If you don't find an answer you need, please call us at 954.426.9494. We’re here for you when you need us.

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  • 1) How do you determine when a roof needs replacing? Open or Close

    When a roofing system is damaged beyond restoration or repair, a replacement will be necessary. This may occur as a result of severe weather conditions, or if inadequately maintained, it will result in material wear and tear over time. Our experienced forensic roof inspectors can assess and diagnose whether a roof replacement or roof repair is the best choice. Florida State Restoration Services knows that roof replacement is the most expensive course of action and we will never prematurely replace a roof if a roof repair is a good solution.

  • 2) If I don't see a roof leak how do I know if there is a roof problem? Open or Close

    Moisture resulting from water intrusion will show up with these tell-tale signs:
    • Brown ceiling spots on
    • Mildew or mold on your walls or ceiling
    • Peeling wallpaper
    • Peeling or cracked paint
    • Discoloration of wallboards
    • Dampness, mildew or mold in crawl spaces

    Regular roof inspection can alert you to potential or real problem areas that can be fixed before they get worse and require costly repairs. Some exterior signs of roofing issues are:
    • Damaged or missing flashing
    • Missing shingle granules
    • Curling shingles
    • Granules in storm gutters
    • Cracked or broken tiles

  • 3) Why would I need a roof maintenance program? Open or Close

    There are many forces acting upon a roof system that will cause minor defects. The sun's ultraviolet rays are breaking it down; the oppressive Florida heat causes the roof to expand. Then afternoon showers will cool the roof material causing it to contract. If ignored the minor defects will compound, causing major roof problems. Yearly inspection and maintenance will extend the life of your roof and protect your major investment.

  • 4) How expensive is an annual roof maintenance program? Open or Close

    Your roof system is one of the major "assets" of your building. Nothing is more critical to your roof's long-term cost performance than establishing a program of regular roof inspections and proper roof maintenance. That's why roof system manufacturers require it in their warranties. Additionally, insurance carriers may deny payment of a claim if an owner failed to perform and document regular roof maintenance. For as little as 1% of your roofs replacement value, we can annually protect your roof system (depending your roof's age and complexity). Our maintenance program includes timely updates, job inspection reports, and online photographic documentation. Call us today at 954.426.9494 for a roof inspection and a free estimate.

  • 5) What does a roof warranty cover? Open or Close

    A roofing manufacturer's warranty is an assurance that under normal conditions and with periodic maintenance their roof should last for a designated period. Long-term warranties are not all-inclusive insurance policies that cover any roofing problem. Roof warranties may not cover common leaks and if the roof has not received proper maintenance it may be considered void.

  • 6) What is roof waterproofing? Open or Close

    Florida’s extreme heat can wreck havoc on roofing systems as the moisture within the materials inevitably dries out, causing cracks and material shrinkage. We use different waterproof products for different specialty applications. These include the installation of commercial deck waterproofing materials that keep water out of buildings, garages and parking garages. Additional products include waterproof roof coatings and window caulking. We carefully choose the most appropriate product for each unique roofing system.

    Waterproofing a building system extends beyond simply the roofing. Our commercial waterproofing expertise covers below-grade building structures including foundation walls. After an intensive inspection of your unique building system by our forensic roofing specialist, we provide a detailed plan customized to the needs of each building envelope and maintenance budget.

  • 7) Isn’t roof repair something my handy man can do? Open or Close

    Today’s roofing systems are complex using plastics, rubbers, modified asphalts and other synthetic materials. It is unlikely that your handyman, maintenance person is experienced in these applications. A handyman may do more harm than good by using incompatible materials, and an improper repair might void your roofing manufacturer's warranty.

    There are three ways an "in-house" repair could risk more cost:
        1) The roof repair did not work which will compound the problem and the cost.
        2) The handyman repaired it using the wrong technique and materials which voided the manufacturer's warranty.
        3) The "repair" has to be taken apart then fixed properly.

  • 8) Where are most roof leaks? Open or Close

    About 90% of all roof leaks originate around flashing conditions. These are where the roof changes directions in sections such as exhaust vents, air conditioning units, skylights or walls.
    The more affordable and immediate solution to a leaky roof is a roof repair. Florida State Restoration Services is committed to saving roofs versus replacing roofs. If the roofing system is sound and in good condition, we recommend repairing flashing conditions. Repairs can be done quickly and affordably without interrupting your business or family.

  • 9) Is there an advantage to a metal roof? Open or Close

    A metal roof naturally reflects sunlight and retains little heat keeping the roof and the building interior cooler longer. A metal roof building owner will realize monthly savings because there will be less energy needed to run air conditioning units and fans.

  • 10) I live near the water, can I have a metal roof? Open or Close

    Yes, as long as it is an aluminum roof. A sheet metal roof will rust and ultimately break down exposing the underlay.

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