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“Florida State has been a great resource for my team and customers to make good decisions in finalizing their purchase dreams! Their quick response on home repair issues such as roofing and water damage are a necessity and make our Real Estate team look good.”
~ Jeff Booker

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Florida State Restoration Service Inc. is a “single restoration resource” that knows how to handle wind damage restoration from impact to rebuild. Wind damage is a possibility that every Floridian must face. Aging roofs and weak tree roots can be damaged by winds of just 15-20 mph and during hurricane season, we are all at high risk and can be affected at any time. Recently tornados have even appeared in South Florida.

On Call 24/7 for 24 Hour Service and 1 Hour Response Time

tornado rev2Because natural disasters can happen at any time, Florida State Restoration Service Inc. is on call 24/7 with a 1-hour response time.

Florida State Restoration Services Inc. are State Licensed and Insured Contractors with over 15 years experience in wind damage restoration possessing the knowledge and resources to efficiently restore structures that have been subject to wind damage.  As licensed and insured General Contractors we will:

  • Restore your wind damaged property to its original pre-loss condition
  • Provide preventive measures to mitigate your loss in a windstorm, such as impact glass and shutter upgrades
  • Provide wind mitigation inspections to reveal any weaknesses your property may have
  • Repair leaking or damaged roofs

Call 954.426.9494 to start your cleanup effort or choose Florida State Restoration Services Inc. to take pro-active steps to protect your property from wind and water damage.

Our first order of business after any natural disaster is to assess and secure the safety of your home or business. Wind damage is not the only thing you have to worry about in a major strong wind event like hurricanes and tornados. Your home or business could sustain a considerable amount of water damage depending on how heavy the rain was and how fast the storm was moving. Because we are also a home and commercial water damage restoration company, Florida State Restoration Services Inc. will provide all the services you need to restore your property to its pre-disaster condition.  See our Water Damage Restoration credentials to learn more about how Florida State Restoration Services Inc. can secure, protect and restore your property.

 Florida State Restoration Services Inc. Is Your Insurance Liaison

Wind damage restoration can’t wait for your insurance claims adjustor to assess your property damage. Clean-up and securing the safety of your property needs to start immediately before the damages grow.  Florida State Restoration Services Inc. will share our assessment and repair estimate with the adjuster to be sure the insurance company knows the full extent of the damages and the cost to restore your property to its pre-wind damaged condition.

Florida State Restoration Services Inc. is family owned and operated and has been servicing the Tri-County areas of Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami Dade for over 15 years.

Call us now at 954.426.9494 to pro-actively protect your home from the damages of strong wind events.

Call 954.426.9494 immediately to secure your property after wind damage.

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