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Disaster Recovery Btn 2State licensed and insured, Florida State Restoration Services, Inc. employs a large crew of qualified contractors to reconstruct your home or commercial property after it has been damaged by fire. We keep up with the latest building codes and regulations and adhere to strict safety guidelines. And with the owners of Florida State Restoration Services, Inc. actively involved in every project, you can be sure that your project is always managed well.

Fire Restoration Assessment

Fire damage is a traumatic experience that can affect any property owner. After a fire, the quickest, easiest and most effective way to restore your home or business to its original state is to hire Florida State Restoration Services, Inc.  If your property has been affected by smoke or fire, Florida State Restoration Service Inc. is a “One Stop Shop” that understands how to handle the total restoration from impact to rebuild. Fires can leave a small portion of the home or business charred and destroyed, Be aware of the affected areas that are invisible to the naked eye such as soot, moisture and odors in you’re A/C system and ducts, and especially the toxic chemical release of Carbon Black. Florida State Restoration Services, Inc. uses a non-bias 3rd party inspector to verify you are “Carbon Black Free” in accordance with ANSI/ I.I.C.R.C Fire standards.

With over 15 years experience as a State Licensed Contractor, and an Accredited Indoor Environmental Hygienist, we have the knowledge and resources to efficiently restore structures that have been affected by fire damage to their original pre-loss condition.

Fire Restoration 1 Hour Response Time is Critical

To effectively restore your property to its pre-disaster condition you must act within 24 hours of a fire in order to prevent widespread secondary water damage. This secondary water damage manifests as mildew or mold that grows in damp areas of wood and dry wall.  Mold and mildew have the potential to cause as much if not more damage than the original fire. Quick action is also required to secure the property for the safety of the structure and the people within. Broken windows and doors need to be boarded up and significant damage to your roof could also leave your property vulnerable to the weather and falling debris.

If water seeps into your home’s core structure, it can deteriorate its strength and stability. Do not enter your home or business property after a fire or flood.  After Florida State Restoration Services, Inc. repairs and restores your home to its former state we will ensure when it is safe to enter.

Fire Restoration Services Require Special Equipment

Many different things should happen at once to maximize restoration efforts. Florida State Restoration Services, Inc. Has a large team of highly trained technicians that use special equipment like ozonation machines to absorb the smoke odor in your home or business helping Florida State Restoration Services, Inc. return your property to the original state. Our trained technicians also use specialty tools to effectively repair HVAC systems that became stuck with soot and other airborne debris from the fire.

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