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Florida State Restoration Services Inc. is a branded leader in environmental remediation that employs industry leading standards and techniques to return the affected environment to a healthy condition as quickly and safely as possible. We are Accredited Indoor Environmental Hygienists and our team members are certified remediation specialists that can assess and mitigate the most complicated environmental issues. Our staff is trained consistently on the industry practices and standards in accordance with the ANSI/ I.I.C.R.C S-520 and the I.E.A.Q.C.

We use a non-bias 3rd party inspector for Mold Clearance Verification.

Florida State Restoration Services Inc. is a “One Stop Shop” for all your environmental needs. Florida State Restoration Services Inc. Has the trained manpower and sophisticated equipment needed to rebuild your property back to pre-loss condition. We have 15 years experience in the Insurance Claims industry and have existing relationships with many well known Insurance companies.

Florida State Restoration Services Inc. cleaning treatments team responds quickly to promptly remove sewage and repair leakage preventing further damage and contamination in your home or business. Call Now at 954. 941.9084

Bio Hazard Clean-Up

Prudent measures should always be taken when the presence of blood borne pathogens because micro-organisms, viruses and bacteria can enter the body’s blood stream through the eyes, nose and throat and begin to populate and cause illnesses as the body acts like a host, the virus will lie dormant for a period of time and then become active and attack the immune system.

Florida State Restoration Services Inc. follows the O.S.H.A. and E.P.A. Guidelines to ensure all OPIM (Other Potentially Infectious Materials) are completely isolated, cleaned and disinfected with hygienic exaggeration.

Call us at 954.426.9494 for a quick and effective solution to your Environmental Damage or Bio Hazard Clean-Up.

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