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These are answers to some of the questions our customers ask. FSRS Luxury Property Management creates a custom management program for each client and each unique estate so if you don't find and answer to your question please call us at 954.426.9494.

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  • 1) Do you manage rental property? Open or Close

    No. We only manage private luxury homes.

  • 2) Do you charge any start-up fees? Open or Close


  • 3) Who needs a property manager? Open or Close

    Busy individuals who have better things to do with their time like travel & run a business.

    Vacation home owners
    You can trust their perfect property will remain in prime condition until their return.

    Professionals who are relocating.
    Job relocations are common and are sometimes temporary for just six months or a few years. Some professionals don’t always want to sell their home because they know they’ll be returning. By putting the maintenance in our care, you can be sure it stays in perfect condition until your return.

  • 4) Why should I hire your company to manage my property? Open or Close

    Using our services will free you from managing all of the details and vendors needed to keep your property in preeminent condition? Our programs are customized to effectively manage the building and grounds for each luxury facility. Our services are guaranteed to pamper you so you can focus on matters of greater importance.

  • 6) Are your property management fees negotiable? Open or Close

    No. We just can’t compete with lower priced property management companies and give you the quality of service we provide. If price is the determining factor in choosing a property manager you will find many lower priced companies in South Florida.

    The ultimate cost of using a luxury property manager is determined by many things other than the fee charged. We excel in the efficiency and manner in which our maintenance is handled, along with our attention to detail. We feel that the fee structure we have established is a good value for our set of services, our systems, and the expertise and experience we offer.

  • 5) How soon can you start managing my estate? Open or Close

    We can proceed with the process immediately by obtaining some information about you and your property. Call Gene Petilli at 954.426.9494 Office, or 954-593-2922 mobile.

  • 7) Are there other administrative fees or service charges in addition to your property management fees? Open or Close

    There are no start-up costs or administrative fees. We don’t charge for incidentals like copies, mileage or long distance calls. These petty fees seem to be a practice  for some property management companies. The only other expenses you could incur would be for services which fall outside the normal scope of our property management agreement (such as a major renovation or remodel, or assisting in efforts for which are not part of our agreement). These exceptions rarely come about but they are outlined in out Property Management Agreement.

  • 8) Do you use the cheapest maintenance people you can find? Open or Close

    No. Our maintenance staff is reliable and competent and they are paid an average wage. Our dedicated all-around maintenance sub-contractors charge competitive fees for a wide range of home repairs including air-conditioning, electrical and plumbing.

    We believe you will realize cost savings that other property managers simply can’t deliver because
    of our very sensible, professional approach to handling maintenance and repairs.

  • 9) How do I know you won’t spend my money on large repairs without my approval? Open or Close

    Your concern is legitimate. Our agreement promises not to do that. Your property manager will take care of ordinary maintenance and repairs of less than $300 without notifying you. If we think a repair might exceed $300, we will call you to discuss what is happening, give you our recommendation and what the estimated cost might be.

    Expenses that might be unavoidable would be incidents where the property will incur damage if immediate action is not take such as replacing a bad water heater, a roof leak that needs patching or repair, or emergency A/C repairs. In these cases we will initiate the repair work, even if it is higher that the $300 limit, and then let you know of the situation and what we are doing about it.  Mainly, we don’t believe emergency repairs should be delayed while we try to contact you for permission to do the obvious.

  • 10) How informed will I be about the work you are doing on my property? Open or Close

    Our practice is this: if a non-emergency repair will exceed $300, we will inform you right away. Other than that, the saying "no news is good news" is most appropriate. Non-emergency items will be part of your monthly statements. As always, your property manager is available anytime you have a question or wish to discuss something.

    Some owners might want a level of involvement that our property management system may not be able to accommodate. If you are an owner who wants a high degree of personal involvement with your property and want a phone call before any repairs are initiated, we can accommodate that. If you are a property owner who wants everything handled for them without being bothered unless something important is happening that is a good fit for our property management service.

    We hope this Q&A page will give you a sense of how we think and how we will manage your luxury property. We want to make sure you are a good match for our style of property management.

  • 11) How big is your staff? Open or Close

    Our team consists of the owners of FSRS, administrative staff and a core group of highly qualified vendors. Our clients appreciate the personal service we deliver. Because we oversee every detail we have none of the employee and personnel hassles that are known to plague larger property management companies. Your property manager is available to you 24/7.

  • 12) Why should I choose your company to manage my property? Open or Close

    Choose us only if you think we are the best match for your property management needs. We are not a perfect fit for every property owner, and it would be wrong for us to say we are the best for everyone. This FAQ page exists so that you can learn about us and our guiding principles for the management of your property.

  • 13) What areas do you handle? Open or Close

    We manage luxury properties located in Broward County and Palm Beach County.

  • 14) What property management services do you provide? Open or Close

    We focus on superior service and lightning fast response. Our services include whatever is needed to maintain your home and landscaping in tip top condition. Our maintenance can include your vehicles, your yacht, and all your water toys. Our services also include exterior and interior repair and remodeling.

  • 15) Do you provide an accounting statement each month? Open or Close

    Each month you will receive an electronic accounting statement which includes the expenses for that reporting period. We also provide electronic copies of any invoices incurred during the reporting period.

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